Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Treatment

Clients initially attend for an individual assessment session.

Clients are then offered treatment either individually or in a group, as appropriate.

Small group work is the main mode of treatment.

Our programme consist of 30 weekly meetings lasting about 2 hours each.

We use a combination of open honest discussion, reflection, challenge and educational work in our treatment. It involves the client’s full engagement and sharing their current and past behaviour.

We work on issues of men’s expectations of privilege and the way it relates to controlling behaviour and violence. We analyse their patterns of behaviour and show them ways in which abusive behaviour can be changed.

Throughout our work we focus on the safety of children.
We attend to issues of harming of children in homes where there is domestic abuse and the development safe fathering.

The group forms a support network for the clients which provokes and facilitates in changing behaviour.

Clients in individual treatment have a similar programme in which the same issues are explored and dealt with.

Men’s Therapy Group

We offer the opportunity for ordinary men to meet in a therapeutic group to explore issues causing us uncertainty and distress in our current challenging times.

We deal with issues such as fatherhood and mens’ roles in the family, relationships with women, competition, success and failure.

We are also able to help with anger problems.

This group is suitable for men who have completed the perpetrator group programme.

Men can:

in a confidential therapy group made up exclusively of men. Clients in the group use their own personal experiences as sources of knowledge and learning.