Who should refer?

Referrals from The Police, Healthcare professionals, Social workers, Family and Criminal courts and indeed any other source are all welcome.

Who should be referred?

We can help men whose domestic abuse is complicated by substance and alcohol dependency as well as men with mild mental health disorders.

The Pathway

All referred men are assessed by us, they are then inducted into a group programme, some men are commenced on an individual programme initially.

The programmes last about 30 weeks with meetings every week lasting about one and a half to two hours each.

A core structure of Masculinity, Male Violence and controlling behaviour is considered in this time. Equally important is the men’s opportunity to discuss their difficulties and frustrations with other men and to find non abusive solutions to these problems.

At the root of our work is the promotion of the safety of women and children. We educate our patients concerning their roles and duties as fathers as well as highlighting the damage caused by domestic violence to children of all ages.